Transit to/from Iraq

Potential but not an easy place to work. Long way ahead before transport can be handled without hassle, while one can not ignore the potentiality of this market.

The alternative routes to Iraq destinations are either not safe or too expensive, this is what all traders dealing with Iraq have experienced. The road condition still way below standards and safety is not guaranteed by anyone.

This should not make the traders disappointed as there is a safe and reliable rout. Every body confirms the best way is rout via Iran.

We offer transport to all Iraq destinations such as Basrah, Baghdad, Mosel, Arbiel and Solieymanieh via B.Abbas.

Avoid congestions at northern,southern and western borders by choosing rout Iran.

Our tanker fleets are ready to carry oil products ex Iraq to Afghanistan or any other destination.

Having professional agents at Iran/Iraq border, we enjoy very quick customs formalities and fast transit procedure.

Our Iraqi partners are closely watching the shipments inside Iraq and will all needful at the customs to facilitate your trade.